Your personal statement


Guide to writing your personal statement

The personal statement is your opportunity to tell North Highland College UHI about your suitability for the course that you hope to study.  You need to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment, and explain your reasons for choosing the subject.  You may or may not be interviewed so try to make your application stand out by giving detailed thought to your personal statement.


Tips for writing

  • Explain your interest in the subject, why you want to study that course
  • Be prepared to answer questions on it if you are interviewed
  • Take care over your written work, thoroughly check it for grammatical errors
  • Include relevant hobbies and achievements which are relevant to the course; that is those which demonstrate your skills and personality and link this to the skills and experience required for the course
  • Include any work or life experience that is relevant, i.e. which says something about yourself and your ambitions or goals in life
  • Include interesting detail on your experience or activities which demonstrates your suitability for the course, but keep your writing concise
  • Include any future plans or thoughts you may have on how you will use the knowledge and experience gained through the course
  • Do not exaggerate
  • Keep the statement focused, don’t get sidetracked into things which are irrelevant.

Tips for preparation

  • Make sure you understand what the course entails, check the prospectus, website or email, or call 01847 889000 if you would like further information or to be put in contact with the course leader
  • Make a list of ideas or items to be included so that you can determine what is relevant to include
  • Expect to produce several drafts before producing a final copy
  • Ask people you trust for feedback
  • But make sure the statement is your own work and accurately conveys your own personality and ideas.