Student Counselling Service

Meet Gez Sutherland, our Student Counsellor content

Meet Gez Sutherland, our Student Counsellor

Student Counsellor - Gez Sutherland

Gez is available to provide one to one counselling for all students to talk about any issues or concerns you may have. These could include anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, trauma, grief, abuse, relationships, sexuality. Or maybe you’re feeling a bit rubbish and need to unload or struggling to make a decision? Whatever the issue you don’t need to be at crisis point to access the service, it is here to help through face to face and online sessions.

Gez works part-time and flexibly to make things as accessible as possible for students. You can get in touch to arrange a chat by emailing or calling 07385433460.


What is counselling and how does it work?

Counselling is a talking therapy provided in a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to talk about any issues or concerns you have.   Being able to express and explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours gives you the opportunity to develop a better understanding of yourself and others.

The aim is to enable you to find your own solutions, whether that is making effective changes in your life or to find ways of coping with your situation.

How long does it last?

Whether meeting face to face or online sessions last for an hour. Initially with a view to meeting 6 times but everyone is individual so you may need less or you may need a few more, this will be discussed as your sessions progress.

Need support on-demand?

Sometimes your mental health can't wait, especially if you're struggling over the weekend. Here are some key contacts:


This two-minute animated cartoon explains when and how counselling can help if students have problems and feel anxious or depressed.