Printing and Stationery


Do I have to pay for my printing?

£10 is added to your student account at the start of semester one but if you use this you will have to pay for any additional printing.  You can top up your account at the library counter in Thurso or at the reception in Alness and Dornoch. You can check your print balance here:

How much does printing cost?

 Mono    Colour   
A4 single sided               4p 12p
A4 double sided 6p 18p
A3 single sided 8p 22p
A3 double sided 12p 33p

Where do I send my document?

In your document, Select 'Print', then look for the Printer called 'UHI Print on'

How do I print in colour?

Select your printer (as described above) and click on the Printer Properties box.  Select the ‘Quality’ tab and change from Grey Scale to Auto Colour.

Can the library printer staple and punch holes in my document?


Why hasn’t my document printed?

  • Make sure you login to the printer with your Student ID and password.
  • Make sure you have enough money in your account.
  • Make sure there is not a paper jam in the printer.


A selection of stationery can be purchased from the Learning Resource Centre in Thurso. 

Calculator (scientific)£10Bic Pen15p
Dividers x 520pPencil10p
Dividers x 1030pMechanical Pencil80p
Envelope Small10pMechanical Pencil Leads40p
Envelope Large15pPencil Sharpener10p
Eraser25pPolly Pockets x 1020p
Folder - 2 Ring£1Protractor40p
Folder - Lever Arch£1.50Ruler 12"20p
Glue Stick40pRuler - 6"10p
Headphones£3.50Set Square£2.60
Index Tags20pUSB Flash Drive 16GB£6.50
Notebook - A4£1.00Laminating A550p
Notebook - Shorthand80pLaminating A470p