Student Charter

North Highland College UHI Values

Support, Collaboration, Openness, Respect, Excellence.

Positive Behaviour Management Policy

The Student Positive Behaviour Management Policy and Procedure (pdf) applies to all behaviour management issues arising in respect of the behaviour of students whilst within the campuses and/or whilst engaged in learning or other activities. The policy may also apply to student behaviour off premises and in students’ own time where the reputation of NHC is compromised or where the behaviour has knock-on effects in respect of other elements of NHC activity or other students. This includes the use of social media.

What we expect of you

What you can expect of us

Within the NHC community we have expected behaviours that help create a positive and safe learning environment.

All students and staff have the right to:

  • Feel safe within the campus at all times
  • Work in a learning environment where others demonstrate positive and appropriate behaviour
  • Be treated with respect

At the same time we all have a responsibility to ensure that we:

  • Act in a manner that ensures and respects the personal safety of others
  • Allow others to work in a learning environment where positive and appropriate behaviour is demonstrated
  • Treat others with respect.