College closures

Information on college closure decisions and procedures

The Executive Team of the College makes the decision to close the College in cases of inclement weather or major disruption of other services. The decision to close the College is not taken lightly as we are aware of the extra pressures put on students by a closure of the College and students returning home.

If there has been heavy snowfall or another major incident overnight, a message will be left on the North Highland College UHI Weather-line (01847 889280), a notice will also be put on the College website and broadcast on MFR at regular intervals.

We try to close the College in time for students to get home safely but again conditions in one part of the county can be different to the conditions at the College.  It can be fine in Caithness but in the Sutherland, Ross-shire areas the roads can be dangerous.  Decisions to close the college are based on what is best for all students.

Decisions to close the College before 9am are usually taken at about 7am based on the weather reports and information from our staff around the county.

If you feel that the conditions are too bad you will of course make your own decisions regardless of whether the College is open or not.

We advise you to phone the North Highland College UHI Weather-line on 01847 889280, check the North Highland College UHI Facebook page or college website for the most up to date information.

I hope this information is helpful and informs you about the College closure procedures.