A time to reflect

Self-reflection is so important. Taking time to consciously review every aspect of your life and perhaps more importantly, to consider how you might be able to live it even better. The year end is the perfect time to consider and celebrate your accomplishments, think about what you’ve learned, to figure out what brings you joy and happiness and to design and plan for the year ahead.

There is power in reflection

To take a moment and look at how far you have come

How you have transformed and morphed into a better version of yourself

Take a moment and give yourself credit

For all the mountains you have climbed

And all the currents you swam against

You’ve made it this far

You’ve conquered so many demons

You’ve awoken from the nightmares

Imagine how far you can go

  • Natalie Peralta



                                                                      Reflect on your year


If you feel compelled to, take some time between now and the new year to think about the self-reflective prompts below.


The most important goal I achieved:


What inspired me?:


The lowest point:


New skills I learned:


I was happy when:


I am grateful for?:


Things to bring forward into 2023:


Things to leave behind in 2022:


Favourite things of 2022:







I am grateful for:


The lesson(s) I learned: