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We want to make sure all students have the chance to suggest changes, raise concerns, and contribute to making UHI North Highland a great place to study.  Your student voice is vital in achieving this and there are a number of ways you can let us know what you think and find out what actions have been taken.

Being a Student Voice Rep content

Being a Student Voice Rep

Student Voice Reps represent the views and opinions of their fellow students.

Why do we have Student Voice Reps?

Student Voice Reps help to improve the student experience by getting involved with discussions about the course and the organisation.

Students are better placed than anyone to comment on what is going well and what isn’t going so well.  The Student Voice Rep structure makes sure that each class has a voice.

What do Student Voice Reps do?

  • Attend training to get them ready for their role
  • Attend Student Representative Council meetings
  • Work with other to prepare for Course Team Meetings and UHI North Highland Partnership Council.

How do I become a Student Voice Rep?

Visit the HISA website to find out more about how you can volunteer to become a SVR or fill in the registraion form.  Don’t be shy, if you think you will make a good Student Voice Rep put yourself forward and take on a new challenge!

How do I benefit from being a Student Voice Rep?

  • You get practical experience that enhances your CV
  • You can use the work you carry out as a Student Voice Rep towards volunteering awards like the Saltire Awards
  • You will develop communication skills that will help you in the future with job interviews
  • Being a Student Voice Rep gives you the chance to shape UHI NH now and for future students
  • You get to meet new people
Reflecting on being a rep content

Reflecting on being a rep

Hear from Ryan Gow about how he reflects on his time as a representative in 2014, the skills he gained and how this helped him with job searches in later years.

Highlands and Islands Student Association (HISA) content

Highlands and Islands Student Association (HISA)

Highlands and Islands Student Association (HISA)

The Highlands and Islands Students' Association (HISA) represents all higher and further education students across the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). HISA is here to help you enjoy your time as a student and can help you with setting up clubs, starting societies and organising events. HISA is run by students, for students to make sure your student experience is the best it can be! Find out about the exciting work HISA do and how to get involved on their website and Facebook page.

Visit the HISA North Highland website and Facebook page to see what we are up to.

Where to find the HISA office

The HISA office is located in the Thurso Campus next to the Student Breakout Area

Contact details

To contact a member of the HISA team email:

Achieved Together content

Achieved Together

Student feedback and discussions held with Student Voice Reps help to develop ways to enhance the student learning expereince.  Some of the things we have been working on this year can be seen in the short video below.

Surveys content




All students will be asked to complete the Early Student Experience Survey (ESES) in the Autumn and the Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey (SSES) in the Spring.  HE students who are in their final year may also be selected to complete the National Student Survey (NSS) in the Spring.

Surveys give us a great overall picture of what all students think.  Results are reviewed by staff and representatives within UHI to develop action plans for enhancement and improvement.

Unit and Module Feedback content

Unit and Module Feedback

Unit and Module Feedback

Unit and Module Feedback

Depending on the course you are studying you will either be asked to complete an individual online module survey or complete a Course Unit Evaluation Form (CUE) as a class. 

Online module surveys will be sent to all Degree students around week 10 and any HNC/D groups who are participating around week 13.

The Course Unit Evaluation Form (CUE) is completed by the unit lecturer and is then passed to the Student Voice Reps for student comments.  Student Voice Reps would usually find a time to discuss the unit with the class and complete a combined response.  These will be issued to all FE level courses and HNC/D groups who are participating towards the end of each unit.

Focus Groups content

Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Focus Groups

At different points throughout the year, you may be asked to join a focus group.  Focus Groups are held with small groups of students to get detailed feedback on a particular topic we are looking into.  In the past topics discussed have included; prospectus content; assessment and feedback; and how we communicate with students.

Red Button content

Red Button

Red Button

Red Button

The Red Button is an informal problem-resolution. Please use it to tell us something we can improve about our service.

The Red Button can also be used if you have had a good experience with us. It can be used if you would like to thank a member of staff who has helped you and we will pass it on to the relevant staff member or team. You can also use the Red Button to tell us about any suggestions you may have.

Complaints content




We would always encourage students to explore other avenues of providing feedback, however, if you would like to make a formal complaint then details of what you can complain about and how to make a complaint are in the Complaints Handling Procedure - A Guide for Complainants.