Frequently asked questions


What is meant by employability?

Employability is a term used to refer to the general skills and attitudes which employers value in an employee.  Developing these skills and attitudes is an important feature of skill-link courses.  Examples of skills and attitudes include:

  • Understanding the workplace and employees' responsibilities, eg timekeeping, appearance and customer care
  • Self-evaluation
  • Positive attitude to learning
  • Flexible approaches to solving problems
  • Adapting and positive attitude to change, confidence to set goals, reflect and learn from experience.

How can I join?

Application forms can be obtained from your Guidance Teacher.  Completed forms with parental consent should then be returned to your Guidance Teacher.  Your Guidance Teacher will submit the application to the college for consideration with the required reference.  Please note the personal statement is an important part of the application form and will be used to help college staff decide whether applicants should be offered a place.  The college will inform your school if your application has been successful.

When do I attend?

Normally one day per week for approximately four hours.

What will I study?

For each subject, there are details of what the programme is about and the topics.

How will I be assessed?

A variety of approaches will be used dependent on the subject area and level of the course, including gathering portfolios of evidence, personal records, activity checklists, short tests and external exams.

How do I get there?

Transport will be organised via your school.

Do the students have any links with employers?

This is dependent on the level of course being studied.  North Highland College UHI works closely with employers to agree what they expect employees will need to know to deliver a particular job and the standards they need to achieve.

How much support do I get?

We have a Student Support team here at North Highland College UHI to support you throughout your time here.  In addition, all higher education students are assigned a Personal Academic Tutor to support them on issues relating to attendance, absence, progress and other matters relating to their course.

Are qualifications recognised by employers and universities?

Yes, all our courses are awarded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and are therefore recognised qualifications by employers and universities.  See our Qualifications Explained page for more detail.