NPA Social Services Children & Young People SCQF 6


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The NPA in Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF level 6 introduces learners to knowledge and skills that are important in the Early Learning and Childcare and Playwork sector.  

This NPA develops knowledge and understanding of Early Education and Childcare and Playwork practical, technical and transferable skills; oral, written and evaluation abilities; resource management; problem solving and planning; organisational and communication skills.  


Level SCQF 6

Delivery Blended | Friday

Location Brightspace

Attend timetabled classes at college, your school or online for some of your learning and assessments.  Also access online Brightspace or Google Classrooms for self-directed study. 

Duration 1 Year


Course content...

Throughout the course, you will study:

  • Play for children and young people   
  • Communication with children and youngpeople  
  • Safeguarding of Children and Young People 
  • Promote the Wellbeing and Safety of Children and Young People  Development of Children and Young People 

The specific aims of this NPA are to:  

  • Enable learners to develop their understanding of the values which underpin work in social service settings. 
  • Enable learners to understand how the Health and Social Care Standards and the SSSC Codes of Practice should inform social services practice. 
  • Enable learners to develop their understanding of current law, policy, procedures and good practice.  
  • Enable learners to begin to integrate values, skills and knowledge through learning and practice experience in early learning, Childcare, and Playwork settings.  
  • Enable learners to begin to develop, skills appropriate for working with individuals who have different needs and who use day care, services for children and young people.  
  • Provide learners with opportunities to gain and demonstrate skills necessary for safe care.  
  • Introduce learners to the body of knowledge that underpins early learning, childcare and playwork practice.  
  • Enable learners to be reflective practitioners and evaluate their practice.  
  • Support learners in preparing for employment in an early learning, childcare and playwork settings, and support those who are already in employment to develop their skills.  
  • Facilitate progression to the Foundation Apprenticeship, Modern Apprenticeship, Further or Higher Education (for those who wish). 

Where you can go... 

After the one year NPA programme, candidates can continue to the full Foundation Apprenticeship where they will complete the mandatory units of the SVQ 2 Social Services (Children and Young People) and engage with local employers on placement.   


Entry requirements

The NPA is suitable for learners who have not previously studied aspects of early learning, childcare and playwork or had practical experience in this sector, as well as those who have already gained some experience. Learners may benefit from previous relevant learning such as National 5 or an equivalent level.  Demonstration of experience in this sector will be considered and each application will be considered on a case by case basis supported by a satisfactory interview and reference.  Pupils will undertake PVG check as part of the entry requirements.