[Degree Module] Intro to Business (Equine) SCQF 7


Students with horses 



This is a module from year 1 of the BAH Equine Business Management programme.  You will get the chance to look at the important aspect of business focussing on an equine business case study. 


Level SCQF 7

Delivery Blended | Mon 1300 - 1500, Thursday 0900 - 1300


Location Brightspace

Duration Semester 1


Course content...

Based on an equine case study this module will give an insight in to the key internal and external elements that organisations need to manage to ensure success.  The module will cover internal and external organisation, roles and key functions such as HR, accounting, sales and marketing.

Where you can go... 

Continue on year 1 of the BAH Equine Business Management programme


Entry requirements

3 Highers at C or above (or equivalent)