At UHI North Highland we are committed to providing the best possible support for all of our students.  We recognise the vital part you as parents or guardians play in advising, reassuring and supporting your son or daughter during their time preparing for and the experiencing college/university life.

Your son or daughter can study part time or full time, from a distance, online at one or our local learning centres or attend one of our campuses.  A range of online degrees are available at undergraduate and postgraduate level through online learning.

Open Days are a great way of familiarising yourself with the environment and staff, and we always encourage parents to attend wherever possible. Our open days extend to the evening to allow you to visit and speak to members of staff also.

To help your son/daughter choose a course, browse our list of A-Z courses.  Pay particular attention to the minimum entry requirements for each course and also consider the future career plans when choosing a course.

Top 10 tips for your son or daughter

  1. Start research early - there are a lot of higher education options to choose from and many benefits to studying locally.
  2. Know the deadlines - for some courses the application deadline is almost a year in advance of when the course starts.
  3. Browse through our courses - so they can work out what they would enjoy or be interested in.
  4. Go to UCAS events and our open days - speak to us.
  5. Check entry requirements - make sure they can get the grades they need to get a place on a course.
  6. Redraft their personal statement - make sure they will stand out from the rest of the applicants.  Get feedback and refine it if necessary.
  7. Understand student finance - make the best arrangements to fund their studies.  Look at the financial benefits to studying locally.
  8. Be prepared for results day - make sure they have a back-up plan.  If their results are not as expected then come and speak to us.
  9. Understand how Extra and Clearing work - different ways to apply for more courses.
  10. Visit our website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter regularly for advice and to ask questions.