Further and Higher Education


UHI North Highland offers students something unique – you can start studying as a school student and work right up to BA Hons Degree within the same college.

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So why study locally? content

So why study locally?

Vast choices

National Certificates, Higher National Certificates, Higher National Diplomas, Ordinary and Honours Degrees available on your doorstep.

Savings on accommodation costs

According to the NUS, last year the average weekly cost for university accommodation was £98.99 – that’s not including food, travel, study materials or alcohol.


An advantage for some people attending a local college and university is that they are able to maintain some of their local network of relationships including family and friends.  These connections can represent a valuable support structure for some young people.  The value of going away is that people have the opportunity to build new relationships and get out of their comfort zone, however the reality is that some people are not ready for this kind of change, which may cause them to fear unknown situations.

Option to study part-time

60% of our students are studying part-time, combining their studies with work.

If you change your mind, you are not committed to living at home for your entire degree.  Through our university partnership arrangements you may start your degree, HNC or HND with us, then when you are more prepared to fly the next, you can complete your degree at one of the other 12 colleges across the network.

UHI North Highland is regarded as an extremely welcoming and friendly place in which to study.  You will be on first-name terms with your lecturers and will benefit from our small class sizes. By choosing UHI North Highland you are choosing more than an education.  Your experience gives you the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to help you take control of your future.