Coercive control performance is an "eye opener"

Dramatic performance by Breeze Productions performed to college staff and students

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Donna Mackay, Emma Fraser CASWA Team Leader, Laura Doull, Naomi Breeze of Breeze Productions, Catherine Russell and Lindsay Henderson of North Highland College UHI.

North Highland College UHI recently worked in partnership with Caithness and Sutherland Women’s Aid (CASWA) to bring a dramatic performance to over 80 of the college’s staff and students. ‘Kaleidoscope’, performed by Naomi Breeze of Breeze Productions theatre company, is a powerful new play about one person’s experience of coercive control in an intimate relationship.

The hard-hitting play explores a relationship spanning over 20 years, from being a teenager at school through to adulthood. It highlights what coercive control is, delving in-to the many forms it can take and explaining the affects it can have on a person whilst highlighting the help available.  

Emma Fraser of CASWA commented, “CASWA welcomed the opportunity to work in partnership with North Highland College UHI and Breeze Productions to arrange an event, a dramatic presentation of one young woman’s experience of coercive control, during Fresher’s Week.”

The play also explores questions around healthy and unhealthy relationships, gender violence, gender stereotypes and offers insight into this often unseen form of abuse whilst simultaneously offering hope and support for the future.

Comments from students in attendance described the performance as “eye opening and educational” and “powerful and emotional”.

Anne Bremner, Director of learning, Teaching and Quality said, “The college really welcomed the opportunity to further develop its partnership with CASWA by raising awareness of such an important topic with our students and staff.  This thought-provoking production is part of an ongoing programme of broad general education that we offer to students to develop their “life” skills and improve their understanding of some of the wider issues facing society today.  We were delighted that so many students and staff from across our departments benefitted from this opportunity.”

Emma continued, “Students and staff told us that they took away some clear messages and learnings about domestic abuse which was ultimately the goal of the event.”

CASWA employs a team of domestic abuse specialists who deliver support and information to women, children and young people locally. CASWA can be reached by telephone (0345 408 0151 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm) or email ( CASWA are in the process of developing a new website ( and more information about the work that CASWA delivers locally will be available in the future.