Academic recognised by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Lois Gray, Academic Lead Developer (Engineering) for the University of the Highlands and Islands and a part-time lecturer at North Highland College UHI, has been recognised as a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Senior membership of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the world's largest technical professional organisation for the advancement of technology, is reserved for people who have made a significant contribution to the profession.

Speaking about the title, Lois said: “I am delighted to be awarded the highest level of membership of the most prestigious, global engineering society. Since becoming a lecturer in 2006, I have strived to design and deliver courses which combine my knowledge and experience (gained over 20 years as a design engineer) with the latest andragogical and technological advancements, to motivate and inspire new generations of engineers. It is gratifying to be recognised for making a difference to these young people’s careers; many have gone on to make their own significant contributions, as offshore installation managers, principal engineers and senior engineering managers.

“I consider this accolade to be a significant accomplishment for a female engineer in a male dominated career. I hope this proves to ladies newly entering the engineering profession that gender is no barrier to achievement. I would like to thank the university and North Highland College UHI, for giving me the employment, encouragement and course autonomy which has enabled me to achieve this.”

Dr Russ Meier, Education Society President at the institute, commended Lois on her achievement, saying: “Congratulations on your elevation to senior member! As part of a worldwide society of professionals dedicated to ensuring high-quality education in science and engineering, the contributions you make today impact tomorrow through the engineers-in-training with whom you interact. The education society recognises your dedication to the practice of engineering and thanks you for working each day to advance technology for humanity. The society is proud of your accomplishments and wishes you continued success.”