Customer Service

What is special about this course?

Excellent customer care has always been a pillar of business success, but in today’s era of public review websites (TrustPilot, TripAdvisor) and social media, it has never been more important to project a sincere and attentive brand image. Your employees represent your business, and if they aren’t delivering the very best customer care, this can rapidly damage your reputation. Did you know it is five times cheaper on average to get repeat business from excellent customer care, than it is to win new business through sales and marketing?

This course has been designed to provide the foundations for commercial success by delivering excellence in customer service. The course comprises of four engaging workshops providing actionable information to help you understand how to stand out in the market by providing a great customer experience.  You will be able to confidently deal with a range of customer interactions and meet customer needs and expectations in order to improve the business.

  • Product and service knowledge
  • Effects of poor service
  • Customer care 101
  • What are YOUR customers’ expectations?
  • How do they differ from other industries?
  • Do your products and services meet these expectations?
  • How can you best react if they do (and promote them if they do?)
  • The 5Rs – Reliability, Responsiveness, Reassurance, Respect, Recognition
  • Overcoming sales objections
  • CARP
  • Complaint procedures

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the importance of customer care to the success of a business

2. Provide excellent service in everyday customer interactions

3. Understand customer expectations and how to manage these

4. Confidently deal with difficult customer interactions

5. Handle customer complaints in line with relevant policies and procedures

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    1 Day

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