Employer FAQs


Employing an apprentice is the ideal way to ensure you can build and develop your company’s workforce. With skills shortages in so many key areas it ensures you are developing both the academic and vocational skills required for the future. We will work with you to ensure the programme your apprentice follows suits your business needs.

Skills Development Scotland | Top business benefits of apprenticeships | Increased productivity 83% | Improved staff morale 79% | Improved image in the sector 74% | *Apprenticeship Employer Survey 2020 | apprenticeships.scot

What is a Modern Apprenticeship?

Modern Apprenticeships (MA) help employers to develop their workforce by training new staff, and upskilling existing employees. For individuals, a Modern Apprenticeship is a job that lets them earn a wage and gain an industry-recognised qualification.

Your apprentice will get structured training and a qualification designed for your industry. You’ll get motivated people who want to get ahead in their careers, bringing in fresh talent and skills your business needs for the growth you want.

North Highland College UHI will deal with the funding for training, and offer support for Modern Apprentices and employers.

NHC will organise and deliver the training and make sure your employee is properly registered on the scheme. The training could combine college and workplace learning, and professional development. It is North Highland College UHI’s job to make sure each Modern Apprentice obtains the intended qualification. To do this, they need the support of the employer and commitment from the Modern Apprentice.

Who pays for the training?

Skills Development Scotland contribute towards the training costs – this will be processed by North Highland College UHI.

Who pays the Modern Apprentice's salary?

The Modern Apprentice will be just like any other employee of your business, so you'll pay their wages. Make sure you pay a salary that attracts the best people. Remember you must pay at least the National Minimum Wage.

Who pays for the Modern Apprentice’s equipment?

You’ll provide the tools and equipment a Modern Apprentice needs to do their job.

What are frameworks, and how do they work?

A framework sets out the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to carry out a job. North Highland College UHI works closely with Skills Development Scotland and a variety of sector skills councils to offers a range of modern apprenticeships in a range of disciplines. Frameworks will cover:

  • The relevant SCQF/MA level or an alternative competency based qualification
  • The core skills included*
  • Details of any industry-specific training
  • Duration of the apprenticeship

When do Modern Apprentices attend college?

This will vary depending on the framework chosen. Attendance at college will be discussed with assessor.

I’ve recruited an apprentice, how do I register them for college?

You and your apprentice must complete a pre-registration form to allow an initial assessment to be carried out.

Please contact Lynn Sinclair, Project Officer to begin the process

01847 889421 or Lynn.Sinclair@uhi.ac.uk

* Core Skills are skills and abilities which everyone needs in their work. This is true for every job in every workplace. Core Skills also feature in National Qualifications such as Standard Grades and Highers and from 2000, Scottish candidates have been issued with a Core Skills profile on their Scottish Qualifications Certificate. Candidates who have already been certificated as achieving Core Skills at the levels given above – either in the workplace or at school or college - do not need to repeat these Core Skills as part of the Modern Apprenticeship Framework