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Apprentice FAQs

Frequently asked questions and information for the apprentice.

How do I apply for a Modern Apprenticeship?

In Scotland to undertake a Modern Apprentice (MA) you must be in employment. If you are already in employment, and you're interested in starting a Modern Apprenticeship, you should speak to your employer to discuss which options may be open to you.

Am I eligible for an MA?

If you’re aged 16 + you can apply to become an MA. You might also need some qualifications. Usually that's at least three National 4s, but it can vary from role to role.  However, you can’t apply for an MA if you’re:

  • At school, college or university full-time
  • An overseas national who is subject to an employment restriction or to a time limit on your stay in Great Britain – or both. But if you’re a refugee or asylum seeker, you can apply
  • Already on an employment, training or enterprise scheme that’s funded by the government or Skills Development Scotland
  • In custody as a prisoner, or on remand

I don’t currently have a job – can I apply for an MA?

You need to be in employment to take part in a Modern Apprenticeship. However there are employers who are looking to recruit individuals into a job role and then onto a Modern Apprenticeship programme.

Browse the job search section on the My World of Work website or for current opportunities

What will I get paid?

Although there is no set rate of pay for Modern Apprentice, you're entitled to the national minimum wage for an apprentice.

Find out more about Modern Apprenticeship pay and holidays at

Is there an upper age limit?

No, an MA is open to anyone aged 16 and over. If you're over 25 you can still apply, but your employer may have to pay for the cost of training, depending on the sector and MA selected

What is expected of me as an MA?

You will be expected to undertake the necessary training and assessments, attending courses if required, and you must keep up-to-date records. As any other employee, you should be diligent and punctual, behaving in a responsible manner at all times. 

What happens to my MA if I leave my employer?

You may continue on the same apprenticeship providing your new employer and the College agree, and your new job role is still relevant to your apprenticeship programme.

Will I need qualifications to get started?

Not necessarily. Check the entry requirements for the MA you are interested in and speak to your employer to check if they would require you to have any additional qualifications on entry. Some employers may ask for previous experience in certain industries.

As core skills are required for all modern apprenticeships, an existing core skills profile may be asked for on application.

If I travel to college every week. Can I claim my travel expenses?

Depending on the geographical area and the framework you are undertaking it may be possible to claim travel expenses, this will be discussed with the Project Officer at your induction.

Will I get paid for the time I spend at college?

Yes. You’ll be an employee of the company that’s offering the MA, and your contract of employment will set out the number of hours in your working week. Time spent at college is part of your working week.

If you have any questions or require further information at any stage of this process please don't hesitate to get in touch:

Lynn Sinclair, Project Officer
Telephone: 01847 889421