Safe Conduct and the Coronavirus - updates for students, staff and visitors content

Safe Conduct and the Coronavirus - updates for students, staff and visitors

North Highland College UHI is ready to welcome new and returning students for the start of the 2021/22 year. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our students, staff, and communities, whilst providing quality learning opportunities and support services.

We have a range of measures in place to ensure our campuses are safe and that we fulfil our  role in limiting the spread of COVID-19 in our communities by complying with the latest Scottish Government guidance.

The relaxation of social distancing restrictions at Level 0 and beyond means more students can now be safely accommodated on our college campuses and plans are now in place for inductions and the start of teaching.

We will initially be offering a blended learning approach. We will deliver a mix of online and in-person teaching. A small number of courses will return to face-to-face teaching. Online classes will continue as normal. We will increase on-campus activities as it becomes safe to do so.

Any student with any concerns about returning to face-to-face classes should contact their PAT as soon as possible to discuss any concerns they may have.

Certain staff are authorised to attend an NHC campus for specific purposes - they must stay in College only for the duration of the required activity and then leave the site straight afterwards – do not stay on-site to meet with others.

            COVID19 mandatory measures for all students and staff.

  • Get Vaccinated (voluntary)
  • Self-Test regularly (voluntary)
  • Self-Isolate when required
  • Travel Safely

Covid measures to be taken before and while attending campus

  • Clean Hands and surfaces
  • Wear a face covering
  • Keep Your Distance

Protection measures that will continue to apply include.

  • Enhanced ventilation in our buildings, increasing supply of air.
  • Enhanced cleaning, focusing on heavily used areas
  • Hand sanitising stations throughout our buildings.
  • Good hand hygiene – washing or sanitising hands frequently
  • Cleaning of surfaces and equipment before and after use
  • Maintaining at least 1metre physical distancing
  • Wearing of face coverings unless you are exempt
  • Some one-way systems will be retained on campus to help manage crowds
  • Close proximity activities will continue to be risk assessed and appropriate mitigation, e.g., PPE, will be employed where required
  • Large group teaching, e.g., lectures for multiple groups, will be delivered online
  • Time on campus will be prioritised for practical, active, and dynamic learning, teaching and assessment activities


Who may visit an NHC campus? content

Who may visit an NHC campus?

Who may visit an NHC campus?

For Students, your local campus contact, department or course leader or department will let you know how your course will be delivered. This may be different depending on what you study and where you study.  You must keep up to date with the latest information, so it is essential that you keep an eye on your emails and NHC social media accounts for updates. 

For Staff, the default continues to be working from home except when it is necessary to conduct specific Learning & Teaching, Research or Support activities on site.

Visitors are permitted on condition that the arrangements have been agreed and booked in advance with an NHC point of contact.

Everyone on-site – whether students, staff or visitors – must comply with the latest NHC COVID19 Risk Assessment (see next section).

Before visiting a campus content

Before visiting a campus

Before visiting a campus

Before visiting a campus

  • You must first read the Covid 19 - NHC UHI - Risk Assessment September 2021 and all of the ‘Dos and Donts’ information in the next section.
  • If you are attending as a student, watch the 2021/22 student induction covid briefing in the next section.

See the NHS Inform website for more details.

  • If the only way for you to get to College is on public transport or by sharing a car with someone from another household, you must wear a face covering and sit as far apart as possible.


We are supporting the Scottish Government Student “Roll up your sleeve” vaccine message. Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine (  This is where you can find information on how to book appointments and details of where you can access drop in vaccinations. Please take advantage of these when offered, it’s our best way out of the coronavirus pandemic.

Vaccinations are also available for you if you are one of our international students and we would urge you to take advantage of this if you have not been vaccinated before arrival in Scotland - COVID-19 vaccinations for international students (


During the time that you are studying with us, twice weekly LFD testing is voluntary. However, we are strongly encouraging all students and college staff to participate wherever possible in order to contribute to the wellbeing of our college community and to protect your ability to gain your qualification whilst enjoying student life. 

Once you arrive on campus, you can collect the test kits and instructions for use from your local college centre.  Tests are also available by post using this link, or by collection from a number of participating pharmacies – use this link to find out more.

Remember, testing is the socially responsible thing to do before travelling, attending a social event or before returning home to see friends and family.

Thank you for your continued support for these safeguards to protect your fellow students and staff

E-Learning : Covid on Campus content

E-Learning : Covid on Campus

E-Learning : Covid on Campus

The below link will take you to a short course on COVID safety on campus.  This course has been designed by the Scottish Government to help you understand how to keep yourself and others as safe as possible at college or university while we live with COVID-19.

Video: COVID-19 Student Induction Briefing content

Video: COVID-19 Student Induction Briefing

Video: COVID-19 Vaccine - The Facts content

Video: COVID-19 Vaccine - The Facts

Dos and Dont's when on campus content

Dos and Dont's when on campus

Dos and Dont's when on campus

Dos and Don’ts when on campus

These are the essentials:

  • On arrival, you must:
    • Sanitise your hands
    • Students – ensure your attendance is registered as soon as possible after arrival
    • Staff – sign in
  • You must maintain at least 1m distancing between people at all times, inside and outdoors
  • You must wear face coverings (unless medically exempt)
  • Thoroughly wash or sanitise your hands regularly (with soap and water is best, for 20 seconds)

In addition, please observe the following whilst on campus:

  • Do not touch your face with unwashed hands.
  • Cover nose & mouth when coughing/sneezing with disposable tissues: bin them immediately.
  • Adhere to all distancing and one-way signage when moving round buildings and comply with distancing measures applied in seating areas and toilets.
  • You may need to queue whilst maintaining social distancing when entering or leaving campus or teaching areas. Please be patient and cooperate with each other.
  • You must clean down your workspace and equipment using sanitising wipes which will be available. Everyone using a workspace is expected to clean it down when they have finished. This also applies to eating areas.
  • Do not share cutlery, crockery, food or drink.

If you have any concerns or questions about these measures then:

  • Students should ask their lecturer or PAT.
  • Staff members should contact their line manager.

Visitors to North Highland College UHI will be required to sign in to comply with NHS Track and Trace. You can find out more about how your information will be stored in our Track and Trace Privacy Notice

University-wide information can be found at