Safe Conduct and the Coronavirus - Information for students, staff and visitors content

Safe Conduct and the Coronavirus - Information for students, staff and visitors

Updated: 4th May 2022

We have made changes to UHI NH Covid measures in response to the Scottish Governments move from legal compliance to guidance and in consideration of the Covid-19 threat within our local and wider communities.

However, Covid-19 has not gone away and we are still committed to ensuring the safety of our students, staff and communities and will continue to comply with the latest Scottish Government guidance for Universities and Colleges at all times.

Please keep yourself fully informed of the good behaviours we can all adopt to keep each other safe and to respect the preferred actions of others.  Some staff or students may have vulnerabilities that mean they need to be supported and protected so that they can continue to learn and work flexibly without jeopardising their health or that of their dependants. Not all vulnerabilities are apparent, and we must work together to create a welcoming campus for all. 

In summary:

  • Stay Home if Unwell
  • Follow Stay Home Isolation guidance available at NHS Inform .
  • Get Vaccinated (voluntary)
  • Clean Hands and surfaces
  • Enhanced cleaning by site services and carry out self-cleaning.
  • We will encourage appropriately enhanced ventilation at all times.
  • We have adopted the Distance Aware Scheme within our campuses
  • We encourage staff and students to choose to wear face coverings as a good behaviour.
  • We encourage drivers and passengers to choose to wear face coverings in college vehicles. Enhance ventilation (open windows and air /heating controls set to draw in external air for duration of journey.

Please read the short guides for staff and students which contain the full information on the measures we are taking in UHI North Highland.

Staff Guide

Student Guide

Everyone on-site – whether students, staff or visitors – must comply with the latest UHI North Highland Coronavirus Risk Assessment

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Students can find more information at:

NHS Inform Vaccination information at: